New Beginning Yoga and Meditation Journey –

New Beginning Yoga and Meditation Journey -CLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEHow do I access the materials? You will gain instant access to a members only portal where you can download the video and other materials. Please note that an internet connection is required to download the videos.

What are the system requirements to access the materials? A stable internet connection with a minimum speed of 768 kb/second is necessary to download video & MP3 content from the site. In order to access the .pdf materials, you must have a program capable of reading the documents. (ie. Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Beauty Face Yoga

Beauty Face YogaCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITE15 Beauty Face Yoga Videos will teach you how to improve your appearance in easy and affordable way. Beauty Face Yoga Videos shows you exercises that are so easy and fun and you;ll be excited to work out! Beauty Face Yoga Videos will give you quick and easy insight to daily beauty routine so you can finally save a lot of money and have more time for you. Beauty Face Yoga Videos will teach you how to do easy and fun exercises and if take it in your daily routine the results will be to prevent or reduce visible signs of aging. Read more…

Ananda Marga: Meditation, Yoga and Social Service

Ananda Marga: Meditation, Yoga and Social ServiceCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEAnanda Marga is a global spiritual and social service organization founded in 1955 by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti (Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar). The mission of Ananda Marga is self-realization (individual emancipation) and service to humanity (collective welfare): the fulfillment of the physical, mental and spiritual needs of all people. Through its meditation centers and service projects around the world, Ananda Marga offers instruction in meditation, yoga and other self-development practices on a non-commercial basis, and responds to social emergencies and long-term social needs. Read more…

Both aspects are complementary to each other, and both are necessary for a balanced and fulfilling life.

Meditation techniques and guided lessons that teach you how to meditate

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Welcome to the meditation lesson website that teaches you how to meditate correctly with a large variety of yoga meditation techniques from Zen, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity and other spiritual traditions. The more you practice meditation, the easier it will be to lower your stress levels, learn relaxation and achieve spiritual growth. After reading my free lessons and articles, I promise you won’t get sidetracked anymore pursuing personal growth and self improvement teachings that lead nowhere.

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